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Join your Meadowbrook Freeway Civic Club!

Join online!  Please pay your $50 annual membership dues by clicking the Subscribe button below or mail your $50 check with the membership form inside the neighborhood newsletter (you can also download here).


Mail us or stop by at 8102 Rockhill, Houston, TX 77061.

Click PDF icon above to download membership form to mail or drop off with your payment.  Thank you!

Your membership comes with benefits!

Each membership allows us to be a stronger voice in our community and with law enforcement.   Our Association is made up of volunteers, and we are able to do more improvement projects for our neighborhood by continuing to ensure our basic expenses are taken care of.  Here is a list of benefits that your membership covers and what it helps us achieve for the betterment of our Civic Club:

  • Curbside number

  • Free events throughout the year for all of our residents, like “Easter Egg Hunt,” “National Night Out” and/or “Halloween Trick or Treat”

  • Discounts on Club House Rentals

  • Printing of the neighborhood newsletter and distribution to all Meadowbrook Freeway residents

  • Trash and Recycling notices

  • Enforcing parking ordinances and items that are part of our deed-restrictions, like reporting multi-families in homes, home businesses, abandoned vehicles and prohibited businesses…Neighborhood strength to members

  • Member liaison for Sheriff’s department and HPD, primarily the Constable’s Precinct 2 (Christopher Diaz) and City Council District I

  • Keeping up the Club House and Site Grounds

  • A platform to communicate with the municipal and county government to voice complaints and concerns and stay informed about government activities.

  • Cooperation and sharing of information with the adjacent neighborhoods.


Continued growth in membership opens new possibilities such as programs for home maintenance or senior assistance, fitness instruction, or student tutoring at the clubhouse. 

Increased numbers brings increased strength, and your membership will allow the Association

to grow and help maintain our neighborhood safe and beautiful.

Join online by typing your household's name and address and clicking the button subscribe to make your yearly dues payment.

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